Our Company

Multi Vision Latina (MVL) is a leading international multi services and media representative established in the U.S. in 2007, although new as Multi Vision Latina, MVL principals have over 30 years experience serving small businesses and corporations, and working with affiliates agencies in Latin America.

It has a network of over 20 affiliates in the US and 10 countries across the world, and operates its own sales and marketing team headquartered in San Francisco, California,
MVL has commercial and affiliates agreements with in the US and Latin America, and provides multi services in strategic multi cultural markets.

MVL offers the simple premise that it is every client’s right to have direct counsel and service by the firm's principals.

MVL take a hands-on approach to the creation and implementation of client programs that consistently produce great results.

MVL Awards and recognitions:

In 2009 was awarded the prestigious Hispanic Business Salute by Telemundo and the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce.

In 2011 received the Monja Blanca Innovation Award.

In 2012 received the Latin Business Network and Community Leadership award.