A non-profit corporation is a legal corporation. But at the same time, it's more than a corporation and with several benefits. You also have to have by-laws, you have to set up articles of incorporation and more important, be legally registered.

The question is; Do you have the time to do it yourself?

As a service to our clients, we go beyond the call of duty. One of our key areas of focus is assisting you in setting up your organization. 

We are NOT ATTORNEYS, but we realize that Non-Profit Organizations are organizations that provide service to our communities. In order to do that, you must be properly registered, with by-laws, articles of incorporation, mission and objectives.

We will assist you in completing everything you need to succeed.. We will work to provide you with the proper tools that are specifically designed to reach your target audience while maintaining the goals and values of your organization. 

Our package will allow your organization to effectively take action, be counted and maximize your potential in the non-profit arena. 

We will assist you in the following services:

• Assisting in the creation of your organization's name, address, and contact information
• The purpose of the organization
• Creation of your by-laws
• Creation of articles of Incorporation
• Assist you in registering your organization with the Secretary of State
• Assisting in the creation of the board, agendas, first meeting, etc.
• Assist you in registering your organization with the State Board of Equalization, the IRS, the Franchise Tax Board and the Attorney General
• Maintenance of your records

Summarizing it:

Be officially and legally registered as a non-profit charitable organization.